Motivational Speakers For High school students Like A Professional

motivational speakers for high school students

What was his big dream he wanted to buy what he wanted to buy a Pringles factory you’re gonna make it rain with chips and sodium I like that no I’m just kidding with a sodium part awesome stuff man do you really want to buy a it was a joke what would you really do for it.

Though you look like Clark Kent by the way so don’t try to steal my style brother you save it how many of you would help your mom or dad buy a house or something like that honestly did someone someone say that yeah how many of you listen because I fight with my mom that all the time but you have dreams but you also want more for your dad and mom and your family.

honestly even though parents smell sometimes how many of you like your parents right hey when you see them today when you see them today tell them thank you hey for nine months they have to hold you and you guys are heavy alright just say thank you because this is what they’re gonna ask you how was the seminar honey and you’re gonna say so throw a curveball Adam a real talk Disneyland’s right across the street.

Hint hint uh son daughter how was the success summer oh my god it was brilliant I learned so much I’m gonna start reading tomorrow thank you so I’m on I believe in you too by the way here I love you right how many of you would trip out your parents like that let me tell you something your parents love you.

Okay let me see everybody’s eyes your parents love you but they’re not going to put you in a position to take risks okay they’re not you know why because they had you like this so when you go out on a Friday night when you go hang out with your friends after school what do they say where are you going who’s gonna be there.

What time you’re gonna come home don’t do anything stupid how many have heard that on the phone don’t do anything stupid don’t go rob a bank again right because they love you they want to protect you because they’re protecting their dream.

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